10 Things To Do When Bored

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What 10 things to do when you’re bored?

We all get bored. But while some of us react well to boredom and find something productive or entertaining to do, others resort to tearing their hair out and making desperate Facebook statuses that tell the world WE’RE BORED!!

when bored

The problem is that the Internet has caused us to forget that we have our brains. So what happens each day is that we pass the time by scrolling up and down our Facebook feed, checking it every five minutes to see if anyone has had a new baby yet.

We get bored out of our brains as a result.

If you’re looking for something to lift the boredom in this post-brain age of the Internet, let’s take a look at 10 awesome things to do when bored.

Clean Your House

Cleaning your house may appear to be more monotonous than boredom itself (if such a thing exists), but it isn’t.

Cleaning your house not only gives you something productive to do, but it will help you while away those hours you were going to spend clock-watching.

Cleaning and tidying can even be made fun of if you stick to your favorite music or podcast, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find how positive and happy you feel afterward. You’ll have organized your home, and you’ll now be so famished that lunch sounds very appealing indeed.

Change Your Career

Wow. Now we’re getting really drastic, aren’t we?

You might not think that boredom should be the catalyst for a total career revamp, but you should really ask yourself why you’re so bored at home. Is it because your friends are busy, or is it because your career has reached a dead-end?

To kill some time, you could hop onto your computer and look for a new job that will provide a platform for a more enriched career that will make you feel better about yourself.


Another useful thing to do when bored is to read. “

Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s closest friend”, according to the legendary American comedian Groucho Marx.

He followed up with the remark, “It’s too dark to read inside a dog.”


But seriously, no one who has their head stuck in a book is ever bored. Books can either help you escape from reality for a few hours, or they can stimulate your mind. Whatever they do, they’re saving you from boredom.

If books aren’t for you, you could always pick up a magazine.

Or you could just watch a Groucho Marx film.


Cooking is another one of the great things to do when bored. Isn’t it really boring when your day is literally spent trying to somehow fill in the gaps between mealtime?

As you listlessly watch daytime television, all you can think of is: “I wish dinner-time would hurry up!”

Instead of sitting idly, waiting for dinner-time to come, why not prepare a meal in advance by cooking it? And instead of cooking something drab that you learned how to make when you were 12, why not try something new that demands more of your time, care, and skills?

Take A Walk

When I say to people that walking is one of the most pleasurable pursuits we can engage in, they say to me that there isn’t anywhere to walk near them. They live in a rundown neighborhood, or they live in the city.

It doesn’t matter where you live, there is always somewhere new to explore. Even if you’re walking through your neighborhood that you thought you knew, there will be some nook and cranny that is still unexplored.

Just um, don’t stray into a bad neighborhood, okay?

Watch Something That Engages Your Brain

It’s time to say hello to an old friend — your brain — by watching something insightful, such as a TED talk.

TED talks spread knowledge and ideas via a series of short, videoed talks given by some of our world’s greatest motivators, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, and advisors. Although the talks tend to be brief — around 20 minutes — they are crammed with pearls of wisdom that you can apply to your own life.

Come on, this has to be better than watching cat videos again and again.


Exercising is another one of the fabulous things to do when bored. What better time than when you’re bored to do something about your physical health?

Working out is something many of us put off doing. Because we work 8–9 hours a day, the only times we can reasonably fit in some exercise are in the wee early hours, or after work. And we either don’t want to rise so early, or we’re too exhausted once work is done for the day.

Talk To Old Friends

You’re bored, and perhaps one of the reasons you’re so bored is because your friends aren’t playing out. They’re either working, hanging with the family, or just “busy”. Boring!

So one of the greatest things to do when bored is to talk to old friends. It’s time to seek out old friends you haven’t talked to for ages. Resurrect the embers of a friendship that is wilting. Ask someone you haven’t spoken to for ages how they are. Ask to meet up for a drink. Be spontaneous!

You could even look up old school friends on Facebook that you haven’t seen since school. Even if you don’t actually message them, just browsing through their pictures is fun. Just look at how much they’ve changed!

Shop Online

Another useful thing to do when bored is to shop online. Yikes! This is a situation that should be handled with extreme caution. Otherwise, resorting to online shopping when you’re bored could lead to a massive spending spree that you wake up in the middle of the night regretting.

While online shopping is fun and makes you feel good, you’ve just gotta be super cautious when doing so. Maybe just buy things that you need and set a realistic budget.

Unwrap A DVD

Remember that DVD you bought from the supermarket months (maybe even years ago) that you still haven’t unwrapped? Now is the time to take off the plastic seal and get it watched.

Alternatively, you could just stick to one of your favorite movies, or you could even have a movie or box set marathon. Even better, you could even take a trip to the cinema!

What are your favorite things to do when bored?

Stay happy!

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